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IMPORTANT NOTE: The following detail is planned to supplement, not replacement for, the know-how and decision of your medical doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare expert. It ought to not be interpreted to point to that employ of this medicine is secure, suitable, or effectual for you. Check with your healthcare expert previous to using this medicine. This medication is an anesthetic employed to treat reasonable to stern ache. It is time and again utilized to alleviate ache after a procedure.


Tramadol is a strong, therapeutic opioid treatment utilized to ease stern ache, e.g. in injury pain, breaks, harsh nerve ache, tumor ache, heart attack, surgical procedure, or serious sickness. Tamadol or Ultram 50 mg must not be employed for slight pain. It is less probable to cause dependence if it is employed for a longer time as compared to other opioids.

Additional examination might be desired if you are consuming anticoagulants, birth control medication, corticosteroids, theophylline, metronidazole doxycycline, isoniazid, quinidine or tablets meant for high blood pressure otherwise heart situation (beta blockers). Tell your physician of any other checkup conditions, reaction, pregnancy or breast-feeding. Get in touch with your physician otherwise pharmacist if you have queries or concerns regarding using this Tramadol 50 mg /100 mg.

Some tablets or medical circumstances might interact with Tramadol. Tell your physician or else pharmacist of entire instruction and over-the-counter medication that you are consuming. Follow the instructions for utilizing this drug provided by your physician. Tramadol or Ultram 100 mg should be merely utilized with particular care in situations of opioid dependence, head wound, shock, consciousness chaos of doubtful origin, problem of the respiratory function, and augmented cerebral pressure in the patients responsive to opiates. Tramadol must be utilized with caution. Do not surpass the suggested dosage or take this drug for longer than accepted without inspection with your physician. Keep away from alcohol while you are taking this Tramadol 50 mg /100 mg. This drug will increase the effects of alcohol as well as other depressants. Avoid driving; operating machines or else avoid doing anything else that could be lethal until you are able to recognize with how you respond to this drug. Alcohol utilization combined with acetaminophen might increase your danger for liver harm. This pain medicine Tramadol works in most excellent manner if they are employed as the initial signs of ache (or primary signs of migraine) take place.

Dispense Tramadol in a tight container. Store Tramadol at 25°C (77°F); excursions permitted to 15 - 30°C (59 - 86°F).

This Tramadol drug information is for your Tramadol information purposes only, it is not intended that this Tramadol information covers all Tramadol uses, directions, drug interactions, precautions, or adverse effects of your Tramadol medication.

Important information

This medicine is obtainable in direct release and wide-ranging release formulations.

The extended release drugs are generally reserved for patients with constant ache who need incessant, long-term healing. Your physician will determine the suitable dosage planned for you.

It is significant to take the medication correctly and to follow laying down commands. If taken improperly otherwise in a manner that is not suggested, grave side effects as well as yet death can be the consequence.

This medicine could be habit-forming for few persons.

Avoid taking extra than has been prearranged for you.

Taking more or taking it extra frequently could lead to reliance on it. You must also not discontinue taking this medicine without primarily consulting your physician. You might experience removal indication if you end it abruptly. You physician will probably reduce your amount of the medicine gradually.

The use of this medicine can be avoided during pregnancy.

If an excess use of this medication has taken place, call your local toxic control center, if it emerges to be an urgent situation.


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